Sherlock has invested millions of dollars on infrastructure, software and personnel. Any organization looking to deploy similar capability will need to make a significant investment in building a team and service capability, and it will be many years before it will achieve a level of maturity and the economies of scale possessed by Sherlock. Instead, organizations can invest a small fraction of those costs with Sherlock and leverage all the capability built to date, and be positioned to utilize all the innovative solutions Sherlock will deploy in the future.


What’s Included in Our Pricing

Management Services (Included)

  • Account Management

  • Configuration Management

  • Patch Management

  • Anti Virus/Anti Malware

  • Monitoring

  • Virtualization

  • Backup & Archiving

  • Certificate Authority

  • Managed File Transfer

  • Hardened System Configuration

  • Account Auditing

  • Host-based Firewalls

  • Encryption at Rest

  • System Access (Privileged & User) 

Security Services (Included) 

  • Firewall Management

  • VPN Services

  • Vulnerability Management

  • SIEM/Log Management

  • Governance & Auditing

  • Network Intrusion Prevention

  • Web Application Firewall

  • Contingency Planning & Incident Response

  • External Audits & Risk Assessments

  • Asset Management

  • Web Proxy

  • Controlled Outbound Email

  • Mail Relay, Mail Proxy

  • System Documentation, Policies & Procedures

Compute/Storage (Not Included) 

  • Compute

  • Primary Storage & Backup

  • Custom Solutions

Professional Services Compliance Reporting

Our team of highly technical systems, cybersecurity, user engagement, project management, compliance and legal professionals support your evolving needs, including:

  • System Maintenance/Patch Management

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Configuration Management

  • Authentication & Access Control

  • Customer Engagement & User Support

  • Log Management

  • Intrusion Detection System & Incident Response

  • Monitoring - Nagios, Backups, AV, Auditing

  • Contingency Planning & Incident Response Planning

  • External Audits & Risk Assessments


Academic institutions can also partner with Sherlock to establish an MOU that provides an initial investment to support the immediate needs of the university involving protected data. This initial investment will support a few projects that can be on-boarded right away and significantly reduce the cost of on-boarding initiatives that follow.