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Sherlock, an offering of SDSC's Health Cyberinfrastructure division, is a center of excellence focused on managed information technology and data services in healthcare for academia and government that includes compliant cloud hosting, cyber security, data management, application development, and visualization. Formed in 2013, a partnership between SDSC Health CI division and its business partners, Sherlock’s portfolio of services are offered to federal, state, and local governments, University of California as well as universities nationwide.

Sherlock offers four major products, which comply with HIPAA and FISMA regulations for dealing with sensitive information. 

  • Sherlock Analytics: provides a platform for analyzing large, disparate data sets using best-of-breed Business Intelligence (BI) tools.
  • Sherlock Case Management: commercial off-the-shelf Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform tailored to provide user interfaces, data interfaces, and workflows needed to meet unique project/business requirements.
  • Sherlock Cloud: managed cloud hosting provides both HIPAA- and FISMA-complaint services in accordance with hundreds of NIST controls governing system access, information control, and management processes.
  • Sherlock Data Lab: helps transform digital data into meaningful information using a hybrid approach to data warehousing.

Sherlock's expertise spans many IT disciplines, including cloud computing, cyber security, data management and mining, application development, high-performance computing, big data, and visualization. The experts at Sherlock have developed and deployed specific services designed to provide a solid and secure foundation for a wide range of initiatives, including how Sherlock is taking on healthcare fraud.

Sherlock’s resources are physically located within the SDSC Data Center, and, where needed for redundancy, in a secure data center in Northern California. Sherlock Cloud systems interconnect with a 10Gb/s (gigabits per second) network fabric within the SDSC Data Center, and wide-area networking utilizes more than 100Gb/s of high-bandwidth connections to the Internet and research networks such as Internet2, National Lambda Rail (NLR), and the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC).


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